Kill him and pick up the Seal of Zamorak he drops. Zamouregal is subsequently entertained by your anger, and OSRS gold after a quick conversation with him, he'll teleport away. Which will eventually direct you to the story of Saradomin. You want 10 air runes, mind and astral runes. Use these onto the seal and you'll find a Saradomin Seal, which you should also read.

When you wander from the room, the Spirit Of Arrav talks with you, and he requests you to reserect him as you did with Wally. You tell him you have no thing of his to resserect him . He will provide you an Amulet of Arrav that permits you to speak with him. In addition, he says since the mystery of the gods are discovered, use the two seals, together with an item of Guthix and the Staff of Armadyl to revive the Gods to the earth to help with the fight!

Head around to the Grand Tree and Request the shield. Narnode will regrettably say it has been stolen! When the converstation is over, he earns a level 100 Ogre, and two level 37 assasins to try to kill you. Kill all three of them and go down the steps to Glough, who's currently attackable. Attack him as he's only level 28 and will just try to kick you.

Now, speak with Arrav, and he will let you repeat the procedure with Wally's revival. So again, go to the Magic Guild, and have your runes prepared along with all of the seals, the defense and the staff. Use them to rekindle all 5 of those extraordinary souls and a bright light will shine in cheap RuneScape gold the room as Guthix, Armadyl, Zamorak, Saradomin and Arrav look before you. The gods work together and even revive Bandos!