I've thought about one thing in RS and RS gold believed my idea may make the match more colourfull. Present scenario: if you combine items which are not supposed to be united, you receive standart"nothing interesting happens". My suggestion: alter it so that something interesting happen.

Cases: any liquid + any iron item = coroded iron thing. It becomes unusable or ought to be brought to the decent shop to repair. If new items cannot be introduced - potential to flip unusable for a while or ityem just disappears. Any beverage + any non-armor dressing random colors, depending on drink colour. Cannot be changed and apparel is worth 10% store price.

Any cooked meat or fish + any weapon half a percentage (if new items cannot be released, the meals cure 50% less). Any cake, pizza any weapon destroy food (potion disappears). Any alcohol + fire = greater fire, such as explosion in the mines.

Any cooked meat+bread = sandwitch. However, it provides only 50% of every product. Members should have an choice to buy OSRS gold add butter. Sandwitch can be cooked on cooker only giving slightly more hp than first. Any meat+fire = burned meat. Now does not work on a few fish. Everything should be burnable!