This The Burning Crusade Classic Alchemy Leveling guide will show you the quickest way to level your Alchemy skill from 1 to 375 in the Burning Crusade Classic. I recommend leveling Alchemy and Herbalism together because you can save a significant amount of gold if you can farm all of the necessary herbs. If you want to level Herbalism in WOW classic TBC gold, check out my Herbalism leveling guide.

If you are still leveling your character or if you have just created a new alt, I recommend that you use Zygor's 1-70 Leveling Guide. This guide will assist you in reaching level 70 much more quickly.

Sections of the alchemy guide: approximate materials required

Alchemy Trainers 1-60, #Apprentice 60-140, #Journeyman 140-210, #Expert 210-300, #Artisan 300-375, #Master (TBC Classic).

Materials Required: There are many yellow recipes used in the guide, which means you will not gain skill points every time you complete one of them.
I increased the amount of herbs I used for most of these recipes by 10-20 percent, but it's still possible that you'll need to buy a few more if you have the worst luck.

Classic (1 - 300)
65 x Peacebloom 65 x Silverleaf 85 x Empty Vial 100 x Briarthorn 35 x Bruiseweed 85 x Leaded Vial 20 x Mageroyal 50 x Stranglekelp 35 x Liferoot 35 x Kingsblood 30 x Goldthorn

5 x Wild Steelbloom and 75 x Sungrass

15 x Khadgar's Whisker
120 x Crystal Vial 45 x Arthas' Tears 60 x Blindweed 75 x Golden Sansam 40 x Mountain Silversage TBC (300 - 375)

105x Imbued Vial 40x Felweed - You will only require 30x Felweed if you are making classic potions for the first few levels.
(Continue reading at page 300)
15 each of Golden Sansam, Dreamfoil, and Mountain Silversage (you only need 15 of each).
30 x Golden Sansam
5 x Terocone 100 x Dreaming Glory

10 x Netherbloom 40 x Nightmare Vine

Trainers in the Alchemy Arts
You can learn Alchemy from any of the NPCs listed below. To find out where the trainer is located, simply click on any of the links provided below. You can also approach a guard in any city and inquire about the location of the Alchemy trainer, and the trainer will be marked with a red flag on your map.

Classic Trainers (1-300)
In the Burning Crusade Classic, you can learn Journeyman, Expert, and Artisan Alchemy from trainers in every major city. You won't have to go to multiple trainers anymore.

Horde trainers:

In Orgrimmar, there's a wuut.
Doctor Marsh is based in Undercity.
Kray in Thunder Bluff
Camberon in Silvermoon City Alliance trainers:

Vosur Brakthel is currently in Ironforge.
Tel'Athir is located in Stormwind City.
Milla Fairancora is a character in the Darnassus series.
Lucc lives in the Exodar.
TBC Alchemy Trainers (levels 300-375)
You can learn the new TBC Alchemy skill from the Master Alchemy trainers in Outland.

Alliance: Alchemist Gribble in the Hellfire Peninsula.
Horde: Apothecary Antonivich in the Hellfire Peninsula.
Lorokeem, who can be found in Shattrath City, can teach it to members of either faction.

Leveling TBC Alchemy 1-60 65 x Minor Healing Potion - 65 Peacebloom, 65 Silverleaf, 65 Empty Vial

Keep all of these because you'll need them later.

Alchemy as a Side Business
Pay a visit to your trainer and learn about Journeyman Alchemy.(This requires a character level of 10)
65 - 110
65 x Lesser Healing Potion - 65Minor Healing Potion, 65 centsBriarthorn is a mountain between 110 and 140 meters.
35 x Healing Potion (35 Bruiseweed, 35 Briarthorn, 35 Leaded Vial)
Expert Alchemy 140 - 155 20 x Lesser Mana Potion - 20 Mageroyal, 20 Stranglekelp, 20 Empty Vial

This recipe will be yellow for the final 10 points, so you may need to make a few extras.
Make Fire Oil if you don't have Stranglekelp on hand or if Firefly Snapper is on sale. You could also continue to make more Healing Potion if you want.
155 - 185 35 x Greater Healing Potion - 35 Liferoot, 35 Kingsblood, 35 Leaded Vial
If you made Fire Oil, you could use it to create Elixir of Firepower.
185 - 210 30 x Elixir of Agility - 30 Stranglekelp, 30 Goldthorn, 30 Leaded Vial
If you don't have enough Goldthorn, you can make Mana Potion or Lesser Invisibility Potion to the equivalent of around 195.
If you don't have any Goldthorn at all, you can still make Nature Protection Potion, which will cost between 190 and 215 gold.
Nature Protection Potion is available for purchase from these merchants. Because it is a limited supply item, it may take some time for it to respawn if someone else purchases the recipe before you.