Plus Side Your weapons can cause massive damage. each weapon is capable of RS gold dealing 50 poison damage no matter what, but sacrifices power to accomplish this; you can use prayer and potions. Negative Side: Your enemy is able to hit you once; you cannot provide food or armor. you can also make use of magic but only when close; you have 10000 HP. Your weapons are extremely slow; you only have five choices.

It's a mini-quest, it will not be listed in the journal of quests, and the release of it will be kept secret. Level 99 in strength, attack defense, hitpoints or 60+ strength or agility. (70 strength, 80smithing, and 55 mining are helpful.) Sug. Items include mithril-bars, saradomin bars, super stat restore, or sanfew serum, prayer potions and items for killing: imp (lesser demon, greater) and demon butler(no levels), sergeant damien (no levels) K'ril Tsutsaroth, an 10,000 HP Zamorak.

What do you know about Zaros's prison? What's the reason? I'd like to get rid of him. Does that sound insane? You'd probably die! What would I need to do? You'll have to kill Zamorak. You'd need to kill Zamorak. Do you really believe that? Yes, I'm not. Yeah! I am sure of it. Wow! What an amazing response from a mortal human being. What's wrong about being human? There is nothing wrong with it, but of cheap OSRS gold all the mortal races in this plane humans have the least life span.