Although Amazon New World will not release until September 28, some careful players already know where to get New World Gold. Mainly those players who don’t know anything about New World but are very interested should know about it. However, they need to know that these locations may change after the release of New World. However, knowing the information about New World in advance is also helpful for them to carry out game activities in the future.

Cutlass Keys

To the northeast of Cutlass Keys, the rugged and ridged terrain offers many veins for farming gold. Several kinds of monsters roam the area, but they shouldn’t pose too much of a threat, even for low-level players. However, the Lost Zombies can become an annoyance if not taken out before mining New World Coins.


We can find a large group of Gold Veins at the tip of Reekwater’s northern border. The mineable Gold in this location spreads beyond Reekwater and into Weaver’s Fen’s southern border. If the players do not even grasp the surrounding area, it is impossible to get the most New World Gold. However, they should also be aware that when they are exploring around, there may be a level 62 Mirepaw nearby, which is an extremely terrifying monster.

Great Cleave

Besides the above two methods, players can also go to the heart of Great Cleave to make more RPG New World Coins. A Level-43 Deepit Abomination guards the mining nodes in this area. Building a campsite close by as a spawning point would be a good idea for players who feel they aren’t strong enough yet to face it head-on.

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