The Assassin is an amazing Diablo 2 class that most gamers believe has not received the recognition it deserves. Featured only in the Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction Expansion, and no other Diablo game, fans of the franchise are very excited for an new version of the silent killer in Diablo 2 Resurrected.

 Although very little has been seen of the Assassin throughout Diablo's extensive and rich story, the class's massive back story, strengths, and capabilities make it an ideal character worthy of revisiting. Actually, not being noticed is precisely what the Assassin does best.

 The Assassins are an order of mage slayers founded after a horrible tragedy that involved two brothers, Bartuc and Horazon. They rose to power in the mages' clan called Vizjerei during the third century. Bartuc and Horazon were obsessed by the common determination to attain power that could only be acquired through Demonic Magic. The two men disagreed on how best to make use of that power.

 Horazon would like to harness demons and bend them to his will however, Bartuc was a fan of the demonic authorities and wanted to become allies. Bartuc's views were affected by the demons they claimed to care. The two opposing views on how best to examine demons tore the Vizjerei apart, and finally led to violence between two parties. Demons were playing with the two brothers, causing conflict between them. When the dust had fell Bartuc died, Horazon went into exile and the Vizjerei family was wiped out.

 The few Vizjierei wizards who survived abandoned Demonic Magics and returned to studying Elemental Magics. They formed a secret society to investigate mage clans, and eliminate corruption wherever it was found. The Viz-Jaq'taar was formed as the Order of the Mage Slayers also known as the Assassins. A class with stunning graphics that is stunning regardless of whether Diablo 2: Resurrected players utilize remastered graphics or traditional graphics.

 The Viz-Jaq'taar is a shady mage. Most of the Diablo world's mages have no idea about them. Stories of their exploits travel through word of mouth and are given life around bonfires. These stories can be enough to shield Magi from the dangers of Demonic Magic. But, as the supernatural influence in the world of Diablo 2 grows, the presence of Assassins is more essential.

 Members of the Viz-Jaq'taar know that anyone can be affected by dark magic at any time, so Assassins maintain the most pure and focused minds. Assassins live in meditation and draw power from within, rather than from the world around them which could be easily corrupted by the devil's influence. The Assassins don't use magic, but instead use specially crafted weapons and enchanted items to fight magical creatures and creatures. To protect themselves against demonic influence, Assassins place an emphasis on their physical and mental abilities.

 Every Assassin, even the most novice is an expert at stealthy infiltration as well as an expert in lock-picking. They don't require keys to break through locks. The Viz-Jaq'taar, an organization that is powerful and self-sustaining and uses magic objects as well as obscure martial arts that employ metal claws to defeat evil forces, is a blend of magical objects.

 The initial traits of the Assassin are quite balanced. The players will have equal dexterity, strength, and vitality. However, they will have a bit more mana and energy. This class has higher starting stamina than the well-known Barbarian class, but a little less life. Enchanted objects of the Assassin simulate the power of elements and are often able to function in a way that is independent. Metal claws and blades which attach to wrists are common for Assassins. Claws can be integrated into martial arts techniques to provide the Assassin the ability to use two weapons and to deliver powerful double strikes.

 The Lord of Destruction Expansion released an arsenal of weapons specially created for the Assassin. It is rare for players to employ other weapons other apart from the various forms and upgrades of Claws. Claws can be utilized as a weapon that is single-handed or as a dual-handed weapon based on their form. The Assassin is specifically trained in Claws and using it is the only way that the Assassin is able to dual-wield.

 Viz-Jaq'taar's distinctive style of martial arts that the majority of foes haven't ever. The Martial Arts Skill Tree for this class is divided into two sections. There are six finishing moves and four Charge-Up abilities. Naturally, players can always choose to use the regular Assassin attack. The skill Charge-Up can be used to be charged three times. Each charge will increase the bonus damage. To create a charge, the player must reach the target. Once the charge is created players can then let bonuses go by performing Finishing Moves which will release a set of bonuses. While finishing Moves are not subject to Charge Ups, they can be combined with Charge Ups. However Charge Ups will boost the power of Finishing Moves.

 The Shadow Discipline Skill Tree is like the Amazon's Passive and Magic Tree, however, it has combat style skills that deal actual damage. In that only one player is able to use the Burst feature or Speed and fade at the same time, Venom is employed at all times. Shadow Warrior as well as Shadow Master give the player an AI shadow companion during combat. There are some minor distinctions between the two shadow allies which cause them to perform better or worse than one according to the situation.

 Master trappers, Assassins employ the Traps Skill Tree to quickly deal with their enemies. Remote devices and projectiles can deal with multiple foes at once. Higher-level assassins can create five sentries that deal damage between 5-10 times. Shadow Disciplines are able to aid in this feat by keeping enemies from traps or pushing them. Shadows are also able to create sentries. However, they can't be managed by the player. Sentries are thrown at any time within the reach of the player. They fight to the death, even if the player has gone away or passed away.

 These skill trees allow the Assassin to develop impressively. Combining these skills at higher levels can result in massive destruction, manipulated by the elegant and deadly Viz-Jaq'taar.