BETTING PATTERNS AND PAYOUT RATES/Live Baccarat Evolution Gaming Play online!

  • TIE Tie bet, payout rate 1/8
  • BANKER PAIR The dealer pair is the first two cards come out the same, the payout is 1/11.
  • PLAYER PAIR (Player Pair) is the same first two cards come out, payout 1/11
  • FORTUNE SIX Draw 6, equal points on both sides, 6 equal points, win 2 cards, payout 1/12, payout 3, payout 1/20
  • Double PAIR (double double) payout 1/11
  • BIG (Big) payout ratio 1/0.5
  • SMALL (small) payout ratio 1/1.5
  • Pair of cards, payout ratio 1/5

The most popular online baccarat camp in SBOBET.

Live Baccarat Evolution Gaming Play online! The hottest casino camp right now stable very flexible system It consists of a beautiful diller from the casino wearing a bikini. Come and be the dealer to deal cards during betting.

Big Gaming has been in service for a long time. Available to play baccarat online in a modern way. Marvel at the better design. Has developed a simple play style. much easier Thai language support

ION Casino is another live casino camp that is very interesting to play. with an easy-to-understand playing window with Thai voice acting A beautiful host comes to serve you a lot. Get a dimension like playing in front of a real dealer

Live Baccarat Live Baccarat How to bet baccarat online on SBOBET website,it can be seen that playing in live format is different from general baccarat games. because they can place bets through the real dealer Get more dimensions to play see the implementation of the deal and open the cards in full If you are interested in playing, do not waste time traveling far to the casino, just apply for SBOBET, open a betting account through our website, you can play immediately.

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