Special potato along with tobacco, certainly not perennial ongoing cropping, fertilizer traits are contributory and complement the other, can properly reduce cigarette smoking diseases, improve the standard of sweet spud, improve farmers' cash flow. General request of natural and organic fertilizer, substantial carbon starting fertilizer, potassium sulfate throughout tobacco stubble land carbon along with nitrogen rate was additional harmonious. As well, "tobacco along with potato plant rotation" generates a natural production method, realizing seed protection, Wholesale Cigarettes Store systems, storage features and tools sharing, Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Online and practicing the very idea of green growth.

It can be understood that will Luoning local hedi area town village as being a "tobacco spud rotation" grape planting pilot, has accumulated a couple of years of exhibition experience. Area village can be take your farmers using land expenditure, land blood flow central territory 2000 mu, cooperatives as well as lease your land grape planting large, by Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Cartons way of concentrated cigarette smoking and special potato, unification pertaining to seedlings, one technical direction, unified operations, unified corporation field income, set up a thousand mu ShiFanFang the other thousand miles of special potato ShiFanFang cigarette smoking leaves.