The screen selection of Flat Screen Printer Factory must ensure that the mesh size of the screen has a good quality match with the printed product. At the same time, the stretchability of the screen should not be too large, and its structure should be kept as close as possible, otherwise the quality of the screen cannot be guaranteed. If the screen of the screen printing machine has been used before, the oil stains and dust must be cleaned up first. When cleaning, use professional cleaners, not ordinary washing powder or detergent. This is because there are a lot of flavors, bleaching agents and other substances in ordinary detergents, which will affect the properties of the screen, and the particulate matter like washing powder may block the screen.

In addition, when cleaning the screen of the screen printing machine, it is necessary to coat both sides of the cleaning machine, and then use a sponge to wipe. Rinse it with clean water to make sure that there is no foam left on it, and you can't touch it with your hands after washing. After washing, let the screen printing machine screen dry in a dust-free environment, but you cannot use an electric fan to dry it, so a lot of dust will appear. It is ideal to use a drying oven when the Hot Air Stenter cleans the screen, so that the airflow can be more even when passing through the screen.